Sunday, March 25, 2007

~pictures now~

it's a picture of me!!!! this was last year but i can't seem to find my recent pictures on this computer. when i find them i will post one on here! until then you get to look at this one


hey everyone
haven't gotten on in a long time and so i thought that i would get on and since im on i should post a blog right?!?!??! well im done with volleyball season we went to the play-offs and lost and since we were with Amargosa we had to wait for them because they went to the champ game. Basketball season is almost over, we have one more game against Indian Springs then the play-offs which since this is our last year of middle school we really want to go and do really good in! i am in the eighth grade and we have about two months of school left then im going to high school! im sad though because i have to leave my friends and boyfriend in middle school but i have other friends in high school too so it's not as bad as i think it will be! i have baseball season left. well that's about it for my life besides that im doing good in school(straight A's) hopefully it will be that way in high school.
lots of love,